Lotusland Wood Wine Stopper

Due to the handmade nature of the stoppers, size and shape may vary, though all will fit a standard wine bottle.

Handmade by Dr. Daniel Geiger, from wood grown at Lotusland.

Dr. Daniel L. Geiger grew up in Basel, Switzerland, earned his award-winning Ph.D. on abalone from USC, and is now Curator of Malacology at SBMNH. He has written/edited five books, dozens of  scientific articles, discovered over 100 new species and genera, and has ten species named after him, including one orchid. Orchid systematics is a secondary research interest, for which he holds a Visiting Research Scholar appointment with the Huntington Garden, and served as Research Committee Chair of the American Orchid Society. Many miniature orchids are grown in his greenhouse in Santa Barbara. Hobbies include jam making with wild-collected fruits, yoga, playing the baroque viola d’amore, and photography. He is a self-taught wood worker and turner and is excited to share some of his creations with patrons of Lotusland, with all proceeds for the garden.