"Grotesque" Second in the Collection - with Pedestal

Exclusively at Lotusland...This is the second statue in the series. A limited number of the first in a series of re-creations of Madame Walska's grotesques are available.
For this first re-creation we chose a grotesque that originally dwelled in the gardens of Madame Walska's Chateau at Galluis in France. Today it's particularly impish affect delights children and adults alike as they discover him nestled in the hedges of Lotusland's theatre garden.
The replica has the same appearance of the original as it stands now in the garden, with evidence of a past, including the broken bits and time worn surface. The statue is 2/3 size measuring 23 inches tall and may be purchased with or without a Lotusland pedestal that stands 11 inches tall and is 12 inches by 12 inches square.
Lotusland commissioned sculptor Bruce Lau, mold-maker Doug Hild and finisher Debbie Hild to produce the series.
Due to the weight and fragility of these statues, special shipping, packaging and handling is necessary and prices will vary depending on your location. We will contact you with exact shipping prices that may vary from cart totals.